Thomas Parker

No Mistakes. The Drawings of Waldo Chambers

Thomas Parker, professor of Modern Art History at Drury University in Springfield, Missouri, provides an engaging window into the life and work of Waldo Chambers. His lively text illuminates the process behind Chamber's extraordinary drawings.

Chambers spent his working life as a professional jazz saxophone player, without the slightest aspiration to be a visual artist. After high school he worked at several jobs to pay his tuition at Southwest Missouri State College in Springfield, Missouri, where he formally studied music for a time, adding knowledge of music theory to his considerable musical talents.
The ability to focus on the present moment that he had sharpened as a musician enabled him to letter in tennis as a college freshman, in spite of his slight stature and marginal eyesight. His nickname, "The Little Monster," reflected tenacity to prevail. "I never looked back on my goofs. It was just like music. If you play a C# in the key of C, you just keep playing and make something out of it. There are no mistakes." He had "game".

(Thomas Parker, No Mistakes, p.6)

ISBN 978-1-931475-37-2
$ 24.95


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