Ingrid Trobisch

The Confident Woman:
Finding Quiet Strength In a Turbulent World

ISBN 1-931475-00-8
$ 16.00

"As I reflect on my own life and the lives of many women I have known through the years, I am convinced that confidence can be learned and developed through knowing and accepting ourselves and our relationships, and in finding ways each day to deepen our friendship with God." Ingrid Trobisch

Recognizing the difficulties of living confidently in a time when values and roles are being questioned, best-selling author Ingrid Trobisch draws on her own richly varied life and gives practical advice to today’s Christian woman seeking self-fulfillment.

Reading Sample

“This book is a find! Full of personal incidents from exotic places, quotes from favorite authors and guidance on women’s issues, it belongs on the bedside table, within reach.”

—Virtue Magazine 

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