Walter Trobisch

The Misunderstood Man

ISBN 978-1931475303
US $ 14.00

“Man is suffering, but woman don’t know it.” I once saw these words painted on a small bus in Accra, Ghana. Perhaps this is the essence of what Walter wants to say in this book. He talked more about it to his friends and me than about any other book that came from his pen.

The unfinished manuscript lay on his desk at the time of his sudden death. The first two chapters were written in his generous longhand with notes on the margin to be included in his second draft. The final section, “The Free Man,” was found only in skeleton form—like the bare bones of a tree in winter that give us only the form of how beautiful the tree would be in spring, summer, and fall.

The last part of the book is the answer to the first two.

Ingrid Trobisch

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