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We have relationships, but little commitment. We have sex but no intimacy. Walter Trobisch’s timeless message can help you understand the heart of God and his intent to bless a man and woman in marriage with a sort of freedom and beauty they could find nowhere else. Prepare to have your own thinking wonderfully expanded! Step out of your culture and time into an understanding that is as fresh as the day Walter spoke to university students.

Paula Rinehart, author of Sex and the Soul of a Woman

Kindle Edition: The Meaning of Sex
Harry Sky Kindle Edition


Jean Banyolak

Better Is Your Love Than Wine:
My Wife has Lost Interest in Sex

Jean Banyolak, an African marriage counselor, has written a forthright guide to the art of physical love. His goal? That sexual harmony may reflect something of the spiritual harmony God intended marriage to provide. Here is a book  to be read and reread by both husbands and wives.

Two books in one volume.

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