Ingrid and Walter Trobisch

My Beautiful Feeling 

ISBN 1-931475-08-3
US $14.00

October 2

To the editor
"..." Magazine

My name is Ilona. I am seventeen and a senior in high school. My great problem is that I do not live in peace with my sexuality. Again and again I satisfy my sexual desires myself, although I really don't want to do it. I can't seem to free myself from this drive and am unable to control it. Do you have any practical suggestions about how to learn this?

In our other books we simply mentioned in passing the problem of masturbation. We received many letters from our readers in response to these casual remarks. Often these letters are desperate cries for help. This astonishes us since one hears and reads everywhere today that it is neither dangerous nor harmful to masturbate. Evidently this information is no help for those who have gotten started on this road. They long for a personal word. (Walter Trobisch)


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