Rabbi Harry Z. Sky

A Rabbi in Maine

ISBN 978-1-931475-38-9
US $15.00

Rabbi Harry Z. Sky, receiver of the prestigious Catalyst for Change Award in 2007, has been called a giant in the American rabbinate. His vision and passion for Jewish and human change and for social justice have helped to shape the future of Maine and the nation. He marched in the racially charged streets of Selma, Alabama, shared the vision of a new American dream with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in the March on Washington, and preached from the pulpits of hundreds of Christian congregations, speaking out for the rights of African Americans, women, the gay community, the poor, and the helpless. His mother already called him a royter mazik, Yiddish for a redheaded rascal. This book is his autobiography.




 Kindle Edition
Harry Sky Kindle Edition

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