Rabbi Harry Z. Sky

A Jewish Dialectic

ISBN 978-1931475-53-2
US $19.95

Rabbi Harry Z. Sky insists that in the chaos that’s life, seeds are to be found for new and interesting developments. We are always in a state of becoming; we are never in a state of arrival. The author takes his readers on a journey through fundamental questions of the human condition. Always speaking from a Jewish perspective, he guides his readers from page to page through twists and turns, delightful surprises and timeless wisdom on a journey to find direction in the unsolvable dialectic of good and evil, rich and poor, life and death, compassion and carelessness, social justice and injustice, and spirituality in a secular world. A man who has reached out to others all his life, a social activist, Jungian, and courageous thinker shares his insights and lessons learned.



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