Roslyn Luce Sadler

Her Emblem - A Suitcase

Born in 1918 in New England, ROSLYN LUCE SADLER grew up on the two islands of Cuba and Martha's Vineyard. She attended a school of fashion and costume design in New York and then, to her surprise the Hartford Seminary Foundation in Connecticut before she and her husband sailed for Africa in 1941. After packing suitcases for scores of new addresses Roslyn began to write her story, inspired by a bundle of letters unpacked from her suitcase in her latest home, the Usambara mountains of Tanzania, Africa. 

Horses, a pledge, and words becoming bridges made Roslyn Luce Sadler's story possible. Her story is also about faith as it quietly knit the lives of a man and girl into far-reaching bridges joining people within Africa and around the world.



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ISBN 1-931475-07-5
Hardcover: US $36.00

ISBN 1-931475-13-X 
Softcover: US $25.00


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