Wesley Joseph Mills

The Children’s Menu

Bite size lessons on the Gospel Message for children and their families. Based on Scripture, following the seasons of the Christian worship year, and indexed to lectionary readings of the Bible.

ISBN 978-1-931475-49-5
USA $ 18.00 UK £ 12.00

THE REVEREND DR. WESLEY J. MILLS loves teaching and has devoted much of his life work to education. With degrees from Gordon College, Fuller Theological Seminary, and Andover Newton Theological School, he is ordained with the American Baptist Churches, U.S.A. but has also served Congregational and Mennonite churches. In addition, he was a founding director of the Institute for Ministry, specializing in the training of lay pastors. The Children’s Menu is the result of his experience as both a pastor and professor. Currently, he teaches composition, ethics, religion, and political science at southern Maine college and an online course on Dietrich Bonhoeffer with Andover Newton. His view of education as a transformative movement from the “known” to the “new” is reflected in the method and messages set forth in The Children’s Menu. Dr. Mills comes from a family with a history in seafaring, boat building, writing, and teaching vocations. He has three children and enjoys the shorelines and islands of coastal Maine.

Combining theology and pedagogy, The Children’s Menu is a primer for communicating biblical themes to children and youth and their families within the weekly worship setting. The book delineates helpful guidelines for interpreting and presenting biblical lessons in a manner that is theologically lucid, pedagogically sound, and liturgically appropriate. After an introduction that underscores a method for understanding and sharing the biblical message, the book unfolds a menu of sample lessons for reference and use throughout the Christian worship year. In this way, The Children’s Menu is a clear and concise resource interpreting and communicating essential biblical lessons.


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