Dear Soul

Author: Martin Moller (1593)
Compiled by Suzanne George
Translated from the original German by Stephen Trobisch

ISBN: 978-1-931475-63-1

Price: United States 31.95 USD United Kingdom 19.95 GBP

Martin Moller (1547-1606), the author, worked as a pastor in Sprottau and Görlitz (modern-day Poland) where he devoted considerable effort to the writing of several momentous works in which he ministers Christians growing closer to God.

Suzanne George, the compiler, has initiated the English translation and publication from an original copy of the work, which had been held in her family’s possession for generations. Translated by Stephen Trobisch, edited by Sheila Perryman, and introduced by Prof. Dr. Austra Reinis, this Specific Manual for the Salutary Death Preparation Derived from God’s Word intends to present death as a transition from fright into peace and offer comfort to the dying as well as their loved ones.

In this first official publication in the English language, readers will find Martin Moller’s caring narrative approachable, direct, graceful, and dignified, showing that it remains as elemental in our age as it was nearly half a century ago. This book also constitutes an eloquent guide for pastoral care, unforeseen emergencies, and palliative supervision during the mental, emotional, and spiritual anticipation of death. Each of the nine chapters represents a stage of death, and each chapter includes clearly marked passages of scriptural citations, devotions, and prayers for meditative applications and recitations.


After finishing "Declining, Dying, Dead" (a graduate-level course for the Masters of Bioethics program at Emory University), my students unanimously expressed their appreciation for Dear Soul, giving voice to a pre-modern ars moriendi perspective and intertwining Lutheran theology with ritual/liturgy. … Should I teach this course again, I intend to assign Dear Soul.

     Jonathan Crane, PhD


“A Spritual Check-Up”

DEAR SOUL IS A timeless paradigm for facing life and death. It’s like going to the Doctor for a spiritual check –up. It’s a book of daily life and of theology. Good books cause you to further inquire, make you uncomfortable, stir emotions, inspire you and make you think like any good book should.

     Randy Pollard, MDiv-MBA student McAfee School of Theology Mercer University Atlanta, Georgia


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Dear Soul is dedicated to my beloved son, Daniel Scott Leonard. Born March 12, 1984 to "Gone Fishing" October 2014. Daniel was 30 years old and lived a beautiful life full of love and grace. Daniel was such a visionary regarding the book project of Dear Soul. Daniel was an avid fisherman, hunter as well as an ordained minister. He loved serving people and was a fisher of men. God Bless You Son, may your soul be wrapped in comfort.

Love Mom

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