Compiled by
Gloria Cunningham and
Lois Okerstrom

Touched by the African Soul

ISBN 0-9663966-9-3
US $ 22.00

In this collection of short stories, sixty-two missionary women recall their adventuresome years in Tanzania, Africa, from the 1940s to the 1990s. The stories tell of personal experiences of the writers and give insight into the culture and Christian faith of the Tanzanian people among whom they lived and worked. One of the writers was asked, "How have your years in Tanzania affected your life?" She answered, "It affects everything I do, what I think about, what I pray about, what I read... I have been touched by Africa's soul."



What readers say about this book

“Delores and I have been intrigued, fascinated, inspired by Touched by the African Soul. What an appropriate title! What variety, information, inspiration, capturing the Christ-sharing spirit of a great company of women.”
The late Dr. Wilton Bergstrand, pastor, youth leader, teacher

“Thank you for Touched by the African Soul. What a living witness to the vitality and vision of the global mission of Augustana!”
Pastor Donovan Palmquist, Executive Director of Augustana Heritage Association

“It’s a beautiful book. I have been so blessed reading all the wonderful chapters—it’s just like having a trip to Tanzania—or better!”
Eileen Friberg, former missionary to Tanzania, wife of Dr. Bertil Friberg

”I sit here reading Touched by the African Soul, with Kleenex beside me, both for crying and laughing. The stories are so well written and I am there! What a great book!”
Donna Spencer, RN

“I read Touched by the African Soul and my heart was strangely stirred by those vivid accounts of the working of the Holy Spirit in building Christ’s Church. It was really a spiritual experience.”
Rev. Dr. Philip Jordan, retired pastor

“When I received a copy of Touched by the African Soul, I immediately read it from cover to cover. It’s excellent! Now people will have a much better understanding of what you did in Africa.”
John Johnson, author, veteran Africa traveler and former Minnesota State Legislator

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