Ingrid Trobisch
Marlee Alex

Katrine Stewart


US $18.00

Gatekeepers, innkeepers, timekeepers--each understands their task and is devoted to preserving the important things. Now, tap into the passions and wisdom of an internationally known author and keeper of family soul and legacy. Using as a metaphor the springs on her Ozark property, Ingrid Trobisch offers time-tested inspiration for tending the spiritual center of house and home. These springs, an earthen bridge, and a rushing stream are powerful pictures of Ingrid's home keeping on three continents: in a mud hut in Africa, a Bavarian cottage in Austria, and a hand/hewn rock farmhouse in the American heartland. Come sip lemonade on her front porch, stroke her grandmother's worn patchwork quilt, take in the aroma from a thousand village fires in an Ethiopian wooden pillow. Draw courage and inspiration from Ingrid's joyful reflection as a keeper of Shelter.
Why is it essential that someone become a keeper of the springs of the heart? In these pages, look beyond hectic days and explore the possibilities for preserving the treasure in your own backyard.

 This artfully illustrated coffee table book provides inspiration and motivation for cultivating atmosphere, tradition, and beauty in ordinary and hectic surroundings. A perfect gift to someone you love—or to yourself.



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